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Brennan Hamilton March 27, 2012 Announcements

The updated gopoint App V1.2 has been sent to Apple for release (9/26/2015). 

We have a new location.

GoPoint Technology
2609 Crooks Rd
Troy, MI 48084

Gopoint Drive is a new App that works with the Gopoint Drive hardware only.

Dongle goes through the following steps to reach a final state after plug in:
- Bootstrap: red and green led quick blink alternately for ~15s
- Initializing: green led quick blinks for <=20s
- Initialized:
1) running mode: green led blinks for ~1s if GPS gets fix; if no fix, red led quick blinks three times
2) sleep mode: green led slow blinks (on for 5s and off for 5s)

All GoPoint Apps have been tested with iOS 8.1 and work properly. 

The BT1 App was updated 11/11/2014 Version 1.3.1

The GoPoint App was updated 10/4/2013 Version 1.1

The mpgLINK App was updated 8/15/2012 Version 1.3

The readyLINK App was updated 8/29/2012 Version 1.1

The Dash Command App was updated 1/10/2014 Version 4.1

 "Harry's Laptimer" by Harald Schlangmann was updated 11/02/2012 Version 16.6.2

 "Harry's Laptimer Pro" by Harald Schlangmann was updated 11/02/2012 Version 16.6.2

 "Harry's GPS/OBD Buddy" by Harald Schlangmann was updated 09/26/2012 Version 16.6

 "Optrix VideoPro" by Harald Schlangmann was updated 11/12/2012 Version 16.7

 "CMS Lap Timer" by Pete Stoppani was updated 12/06/2012 Version 1.10

 "CMS Lap Timer Pro" by Pete Stoppani was updated 11/20/2012 Version 1.10

We have released new firmware for GoPoint products.

PIN number for the BT1A is 1234 

161.0.5 for the BT1A, released 26-Jul-2013

177.0.6 for BT1, released 26-Jul-2013

1.0.12 for GL1, released 26-Jul-2013

To update your firmware, open and run the latest version of the BT1 App.

iTunes BT1 App